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Multibelt freezer

Linear freezing tunnel with 3 belts on top of each other

Cryogenic multi-belt freezers use liquefied carbon dioxide (LCO2) or liquefied nitrogen (LIN) for continuous cooling and freezing. Multiple superposed conveyor belts move the product backwards and forwards through the freezer. At the end of each belt, the product falls onto the belt below to go back through the freezer. Designs with 3, 7, 9 and 11 levels are quite normal.

Controlled injection of a cryogenic liquefied gas, which immediately evaporates, lowers the temperature in the freezer. The latent heat of evaporation is the main source of cooling energy. Fans spread the gas in the freezer in a controlled way and efficiently transfer the cold to the product’s surface. Exhaust fans extract the residual gases.


Multibelt freezers are mainly used for two purposes:

Applications with high production capacities and/or long residence times, which would otherwise require very long linear tunnels. By stacking multiple belts on top of each other, you can drastically reduce the overall dimensions of the freezer.

Applications where available space is limited. The compact design of the multi-belt freezer allows you to squeeze it in, where a single-belt freezing tunnel would not fit.

Due to its mechanical complexity, the specific thermal transfer efficiency per m² of belt is always less than that of a single belt freezer.

Features and Benefits

Although Dohmeyer’s cryogenic multi-belt freezers exist in standard dimensions, we can design tailor made tunnels that suit your specific needs for any individual application.

Compact design, optimized injection of liquid gas, and our own special turbulence fans are specific benefits of Dohmeyer’s tunnels and cabinets.

Technical Data

Ask for our technical leaflet about Tri-Deck freezers

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