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Membrane Skinner 856PX


Solid industrial membrane Skinner that complies with all the strict requirements that the contemporary meat industry dictates. Strong hygienic and accurately built to ensure the highest possible yield. The machine is moreover equipped with a compressed air cleaning system with built in micro-filter.



For membrane skinning of all kinds of meat (beef, pork, mutton, veal, lamb), game, poultry and duck.



Electrical wiring 3 x 230V – 50Hz
72 T Toothed Roller



Collecting Funnel
Waste bin support frame
Long outfeed tray


 Technical specification

Skinning width 560 mm
Dimensions 970 x 780 x 990 mm
38.2 x 30.7 x 38.9″
Weight  256 kg / 564 lbs
Motor 3x400V – 50 Hz / 1.1 kW
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