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Water Defrosting


Fish defroster is designed for frozen fish block or IQF product defrosting in water. Water defrosting minimises weight loss in defrosting operation. Water defrosting is used when high capacity defrosting process is needed.

Frozen fish blocks are manually loaded in  the defroster in its whole length. If fish is defrosted in boxes, fish together with the boxes can be put into water. Boxes are then removed when the fish is separated from the box surface. (more…)

Continuous brining line


Continuous brining line is developed for medium and high productivity process, reduces time needed for brining operation and can be used in line with defrosting line and nobbing line.

Fish infeed can be done manually or with another technological unit. Product is being brined in a special, automatically prepared brining fluid. Constant brining time is assured by water flow and conveyor belt, which is moved at constant speed. (more…)

Automatic brine preparation and packing line


Fish brining line is developed to dose salt solution (Brine) and fish into plastic trays. Equipment enables client to add additional spices and flavors to the fish.

Line can be equipped with automatic brine preparation unit, which measures salt concentration and prepares brine at concentration needed.

Container with fish is inserted into tipper and container is emptied into hopper. Elevator belt is lifting fish from hopper. On the inclination, spice dosing unit covers top layer of fish with spices. (more…)

Volumetric batching line


Fish volumetric dosing line is designed to obtain permanent dosing in certain volume of small pelagic fish into the trays or boxes before freezing with even level of filling.

Volumetric batching is used when high volume batches at high speed is needed. Up to 11 kg batches.

The fish is unloaded into the hopper tank. The elevator is automatically feeding the supply conveyors of each dosing unit. (more…)

Manual Grading Line


Manual grading line is developed to sort out more valuable fish species in the production process.

Manual grading line comes in various executions and lengths. Available options for 5 till 24 operators and can be equipped with platforms for operators, which minimises contact area with the floor.

Fish is supplied to the infeed hopper. Fish can be supplied by forklift or by choosing PERUZA tipper for containers. (more…)

Roller grading line for pelagic fish


Roller grading line is designed to calibrate fish by its thickness. The design is made for fresh small fish like sprats and Baltic herring species and similar ones like sardines, pilchards and anchovies.

Fish is supplied into receiving tank, where hopper- elevator lifts them up and drops onto distribution chute that later guides them onto rotating rollers. Tank is equipped with water level control system that helps to control permanent fish flow in any stage of work. (more…)

Autofeeder for pelagic fish


Auto-feeder is designed to reduce need for manpower for operating fish cutting machines with pocket conveyors. Equipment automatically delivers fish from hopper tank and distributes them into cutting machine pockets automatically, adjusting speed with the speed of cutting machine. PERUZA designed autofeeder is compatible with Cabinplant, SEAC, AB, VMK, Arenco, Baader and similar cutting machines.

Tank of hopper elevator is filled with fish by operator. Elevating belt evenly brings the fish to the head- tail orientation, unit, further fish is proceeded to infeed units. (more…)

Autonobbing for pelagic fish


Autonobbing is designed to HG or HGT without need for operators infeeding the fish into cutting pockets. Equipment automatically delivers fish from hopper tank to cutting unit and removes
head and de-guts fish with option of cutting tail. Ready product falls into crates or onto ready product conveyor which comes as an option for equipment.

Tank of hopper elevator is filled with fish by operator. Elevating belt evenly brings the fish to the head- tail orientation, unit, further fish is separated one from another and infeeded into head cutting unit. (more…)

Drum type nobbing line


PERUZA Drum type nobbing is designed as high capacity small fish nobbing equipment. Equipment can process up to 1000 small pelagic fish per minute. Drum type nobbing can produce HG or HGT fixed length product.

PERUZA Drum type nobbing is used for fish 9 – 13 cm, such as sprats, anchovies, capelin and other. Processing slighlty out of range can reduce output. (more…)

Salmon deslimer/fillet washing machine


Deslimer and Fillet washing machine is designed to remove impurities and remaining from the surface of fish. Deslimer operates whole fish while Fillet washing operates with fillets.                                           The process of washing is important to significantly decrease the number bacteria on whole or gutted fish and increase overall product hygiene levels .

During washing operation fresh water from tap is used to wash the Salmon or salmon fillets. Dirty water is guided through the filters and then to sewage. (more…)

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