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Global Food Technology designs  and builds mechanically assisted Beef Boning Systems called VBS. Each of our installations proving to deliver yield increases, production increases or product enhancements. We do full site evaluations and layout drawings to provide a meaningful presentation of benefits and potential savings. All our own machinery and systems are UK designed and built using state of the art equipment and protocols.


Vertical Boning Systems are semi-automated carcass stripping systems for beef and other species designed and built to order by Global Food Technology.

VBS lines are made to simplify daily operations and increase profitability. Our boning units are designed using the latest drive technology to provide a more consistent and greater force than a person which allows for all beef types and sizes from light cows to heavy Belgium blues to be processed. VBS is easy to use therefore production cutting lines and specifications are more precise and cleaner.

We have about 70 installations in the UK, France, Belgium and Germany each is bespoke and many have now been updated to our current VBS version. Our specialist Mr. Kevan Atkinson is available for consultation and design of VBS systems based on your specific requirements.

Our current version of the VBS uses the latest EtherCat technology enabling GFT to effectively do remote service without utilising access through a company’s’ private firewall. We have available differing levels of automation depending on client volumes, we constantly look to access the non-productive knife time of a deboner to maximize output.


Our largest installation to date covered a 1000 head of cattle on 2 shifts this system used full automation and RF hook tracking for tractability, however our smallest installation produces 20 quarters per hour on Charolais beef in France.

We work when required with a specialist meat industry software developer based in the USA and Birmingham (UK) to integrate or provide stand-alone boning room real time yield information and audit data. We have our own plc engineers working with all the major plc types should you have a preference.


  • Designed to client requirements customised approach
  • Yield improvements
  • Operational simplicity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Remote service
  • Higher production levels
  • Easy to use HMI interface
  • Reduces strain injuries