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VC999 K6 Vacuum Packaging Chamber Machine


Compact performance with three sealing bars.
All the K series machines are ergonomically attractive and extremely user-friendly.


Microprocessor control with user-friendly programm selection
Double weld seal with separation
Vacuum until evaporation point
Soft aeration and staged evacuation
Automated lid closing (option)
Gas flush (option)

Technical Specifications

Outside dimensions of machine (W x H x D) 1090 x 1082 x 1016 mm
Inside dimensions of chamber (W x H x D) 1045 x 210 x 605 mm
Number of sealing bars per chamber 3
Sealing bar length 940/2 x 500 mm
Power connection 400V/3/50Hz/4kW 16AT
Compressed air 5 – 6 bar , ø innen / ø inside 9mm
Vacuum pump 220m³/h
Maximum vacuum 1 mbar, 99,9 %
Vacuumising up to evaporation point Standard
Soft air pre-ventilation Standard
Double sealing Standard
Automatic chamber closing optional
Cycles/min. per chamber 2-3
Weight approx 478 kg
Gas flushing MAP optional, ø innen / inside 7mm
Roller track with additional filler plate  optional