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Your company has problems with production?

  • Faulty products?
  • No consistent quality?
  • Lack of resources in development of innovative products?
  • Reduction of costs while maintaining quality desired?

Your vision for your company is:

  • To develop innovative products?
  • Assuring consistent quality?
  • An optimized production process?
  • More efficient and more profitable production and thereby resulting cost savings?

Ingresol vision for your company is:

We take your specific production and technical handling problems and create
– together with you – a consulting package especially adapted for your company needs.

Consulting Services:

  • Recipe development
  • Production development
  • Process optimization and its safe implementation
  • Production safety concepts
  • Efficiency / Calculation
  • Purchasing Management
  • Spice and additive development
  • Development of an Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Business Planning (new construction, reconstruction, etc.)
  • Employee Training
  • Technology R & D
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Advice on special adaptations
  • Access to our Know-how of our world-ranging network of experts

Ingresol offers

  • a globally operating team of experts, which can guarantee, on a national and international scale, the latest news regarding research, development, technology, purchase, etc.
  • innovative solutions which let you be a step ahead in market competition
  • profitable future as a result of a partnership and trust-based cooperation
Feel free to take advantage of Ingresol long term experience in the meat and sausage industry.Your decision will be confirmed by our global network and our practical knowledge.
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