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High Performance Tunnel Freezer

Increased air velocity results in double performance

Advantages of the high performance tunnel

–  highest freezing capacity for a given floor space
–  lowest possible residence time
–  compact design
–  patented control strategies for temperature and gas flow

High Performance Cryogenic Tunnel

High performance cryogenic tunnels incorporate specially designed turbulence fans to increase the gas flow inside the freezing modules. The fans create a high velocity, turbulent flow that blows away the insulating boundary layer of air that surrounds the product.

These tunnels are very compact, so that they fit into a limited space. The low residence time allows Dohmeyer to make significant improvements to your specific freezing capacity per m² of floor space, when compared to conventional freezing tunnels.


The use of a high performance cryogenic tunnel is most advantageous when available floor space is limited or very high cost. Their compact design reduces overall space requirements.

Furthermore, because high performance fans freeze the surface of the product so fast, they drastically reduce product dehydration, when compared to other freezing methods.

These high performance tunnels are at their best for products with high surface-to-volume ratio, such as flat or small products (pancakes, hamburgers, pasta,…).

Features and Benefits

Dohmeyer’s high performance cryogenic tunnels are tailor-made and designed to suit the specific needs of any individual application.

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