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Cretel Nobilis 460TI Fish Skinner


The Nobilis 460TI Fish Skinner is a semi-automatic fish skinner and comes with an infeed conveyor. It has a state-of-the-art pressure roller system on top of the machine for an even better grip. The machine is equipped with vandal-proof Piezo-switches. The dis assembly of the skinning shoe and the blade change can be done very quickly, without use of any tools.

The infeed conveyor belts make the machine suitable for use in an industrial production line. This multipurpose fish skinner is available with a range of toothed rollers to fit your application.



This 460TI model skin all kind of fillets from flatfish and round fish, from very delicate species such as plaice, flounder and whiting, cod, pollack, sole and catfish, pangasius-basa up to fish species with thick and scaled skin such as tilapia, groupers and snappers, tuna, shark, carp and so many others.

Technical Specification


Skinning width 460 mm
Throughput 40-80 pcs/min
Dimensions in mm 705 x 710 x 950 (W x L x H)
Dimensions in in 27 x 28 x 37″
Weight 175 kg / 385 lbs
Motor 3 x 400V / 1.1 kW
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