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Cretel 365 Series Fish Skinner


Series 365 are compact free-standing skinning units with manual infeed for industrial applications.

  • On castors, height adjustable for maximum mobility and extra safety
  • Solid construction from stainless materials for maximum lifetime
  • Stainless “Star” – cleaning roller with forward and reverse rotation c/w water spray nozzles with adjustable volume – for maximum reliability
  • Bearing with double collar bushing for maximum lifetime and low cost of operation
  • Water spray system with adjustable volume to spray roller, blade and infeed tray
  • Auto shut water valve activated by foot switch to minimize water consumption
  • All electrical parts are in a splash proof housing
  • All joints are seams are completely welded to avoid penetration of moisture and dirt
  • Safe 24 Volt foot switch with special “lift flex” cable
  • Conform to latest CE directives

Models & Applications

365F – With blunt blade holding beam shoe

For the perfect skinning of all kinds of whole flat fish such as: sole, flounder, plaice, halibut, turbot, monkfish, skate; as well as filets of herring, cod, siathe, hake, pollack, stockfish mackerel, bream, grey gurnard, trout, salmon, etc.

365S: With blade holding sharped shoe

For skinning all kind of fillets such as: all kinds of perch, pike, timapia, carp, bream, croaker, snapper, grouper, catfish, sturgeon, etc.

365CBlunt and Blade holding shoe (combi)

Perfect combination of both skinning shoes (Blunt+Blade) for all above applications.


Other voltages available

Deep – skin version

Mechanical foot switch


  • Safety skinning blade cover

Technical Specification

Skinning width 360mm
Throughput 20-50 pcs/min
Dimensions in cm 52 x 45 x 95 cm
Dimensions in in 20.5 x 17.7 x 37.4″
Weight 90 kg / 198 lbs
Motor 3 x 400 V 50 Hz / 0.75 kW