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Container Washers


Cretel Container Washers are built according to the CE standards and are equipped with all the necessary safety features and following characteristics:

– A completely hygienic and open construction, without hidden places in corners or double folds.

– Sufficient distance and separation between washing zones.

– Sufficient distance between the washing and rinsing zones to avoid the mixing of the dirty washing water with the clean rinse water. This is a necessity if the articles to be cleaned must be disinfected and all the chemicals removed.

CRETEL Cabin Washing Machines consists of:

A washing cabin with:

  • A ramp for loading & unloading
  • A water tank, equipped with a circulation pump
  • Filter elements
  • Heating elements
  • Spraying nozzles

The ramp- a Container/Bin need to be manually placed onto the ramp and positioned into the fixation bars. These bars hold the container in position during the manipulation. The loading/unloading ramp is also the door. The ramp & Container to be washed is turned to 108°C. This assures a maximum drainage. The ramp is also equipped with a built-in fixed spraying pattern to clean the outside bottom of the item to be washed.

The washing cabin, is carried out with a motorised rotating spraying arm, equipped with flat beam nozzles. The spraying pattern takes care of the washing and rinsing of the inside and the outside of the items to be cleaned.

The complete washing cycle is freely adjustable, this depends of the degree of dirtiness.

The washing cycle is divided in two steps:

Step 1: An intensive washing cycle

Step 2: A rinsing cycle

Those steps can be shortened or extended in time, depending on the application.

During the washing cycle, the water in the tank will be continuously recirculated and runs through the filters of the washing installation.

The rinsing cycle takes his water supply directly from the cold or hot water network. If not available, a separate heater must be installed.
The rinsing water runs back to the tank of the washing installation, refreshing the recirculating water
A maximum amount of water and energy is saved.
Washing and rinsing are two separated circuits

Heating of the tank by:

  • Electrical resistance : standard
  • By direct steam injection
  • Heat exchanger : water / water
  • Heat exchanger : steam / water
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