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Autonobbing for pelagic fish


Autonobbing is designed to HG or HGT without need for operators infeeding the fish into cutting pockets. Equipment automatically delivers fish from hopper tank to cutting unit and removes
head and de-guts fish with option of cutting tail. Ready product falls into crates or onto ready product conveyor which comes as an option for equipment.

Tank of hopper elevator is filled with fish by operator. Elevating belt evenly brings the fish to the head- tail orientation, unit, further fish is separated one from another and infeeded into head cutting unit. Head cutting unit removes the head of fish and vacuum sucks the digestive system out of fish and into collection tank. Ready fish falls into box or onto ready product


Main benefits

  • No operators needed for orientation and HG or HGT operation
  • Fast payback time
  • Higher productivity than conventional pocket nobbing machines
  • Easy operable


Technical Specification

Fish Pelagic fish
Size of processed fish (length) 140…200 mm
Equipment dimension (LxWxH) 3700 x 5700 x 2600 mm
Number of operators on the machine 0 (1 is suggested for quality inspection)
Volume of receivcing tank (efficient) 0,6 m³
Water level Adjustable water level control
Additional options Ready product collection conveyors


Processing Capacity

 Fish lenght


 (Pocket speed)

170…200 mm 460
150…170 480
130…150 500
*Capacity can vary depending on fish species and freshness of fish