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Automatic brine preparation and packing line


Fish brining line is developed to dose salt solution (Brine) and fish into plastic trays. Equipment enables client to add additional spices and flavors to the fish.

Line can be equipped with automatic brine preparation unit, which measures salt concentration and prepares brine at concentration needed.

Container with fish is inserted into tipper and container is emptied into hopper. Elevator belt is lifting fish from hopper. On the inclination, spice dosing unit covers top layer of fish with spices.
Fish from elevator are pouring into manual fish dosing unit, from which operator by hand moves fish into bucket.

Empty buckets are placed by operator onto the conveyor for buckets with brining solution. Bucket is filled with set amount of brining solution and transported till the end of conveyor. Operator, who doses fish into bucket, takes bucket from upper conveyor and places it on platform in front of him.

Filled buckets are placed onto lower conveyor. Bucket then is conveyed along operators who insert bay leaf or other spices. When all ingredients are inserted operator places cover onto the bucket and fix one side. Further bucket is conveyed through lid closing unit. When lid is closed, operator takes bucket of from product accumulation table and places it onto pallet.


Main benefits

  • Controllable brining time
  • Easy cleaning – due to hydraulic lift
  • High capacity
  • Automatic Brine preparation unit


Technical Specification

Performance Up to 1600 buckets/h for 5 l bucket
Brining ambience Salt water
Additional spice adding Option for additional spice addition
Fish infeed With 660 l containers
Material AISI 316
Equipment dimensions (LxWxH) 7500 x 1900 x 3000 mm
Number of operators 5


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